Why are pallet trucks used? !
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Warehouse operations wouldn’t be complete without the use of pallet trucks. They are usually powered by a rechargeable battery as compared to pallet jacks which are manually operated. It is these most basic of forklifts that are used to transport full or partial pallet loads for relatively long distances.

As essential facilities in a warehouse, pallet trucks perform functions such as loading and unloading trucks. Where there is need for low-level order picking, the most commonly used amenity will be the pallet truck.

Pallet trucks known as walkies usually move at a very low speed making them suitable for dock work such as loading an offloading trucks. Many warehouse owners also use them for light duty such as low-level order picking.

The other type of scissor lifts are the riders which move at higher speeds and over longer distances. Since it has an operator, it serves well for order picking at low levels where you have multiple pallets. Where you have a warehouse operations system, the rider will be a central part of it.

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